Zen Decoration: Flooded of relax your home!

To achieve peace, to sleep better, to fill the house top vibration, to avoid being overwhelmed … For these and many more things Zen serves increasingly popular in world. Want to know what it is?

zen style

What is Zen Decoration?

As we told you, the Zen style is based on the pursuit of harmony and balance. Throughout the decor can get a home with these features. But more importantly, that our house gets our body reaches a point of relaxation and peace of mind when we’re in it. The furnishings, colors, materials, lighting, and the objects are a fundamental part to reach the zen style.

Anything that we do not usually use must be eliminated. Just keep in the decor of our home the necessary objects, preferably in ways that are simple shapes, natural materials and soft colors.

Soft to the touch

Zen decoration needs intimate environments, so curtains and blinds are an excellent option. They are the perfect barrier to minimize drafts and also reduce noise inside the house. Always choose natural and light fabrics; like linen, cotton and wool. The padding also provides comfort.

zen style decoration


Lighting is very important in the Zen style, so nothing to be with little light in any room. If it is natural, much better. But, if it has to be artificial, that is abundant, but without never come to bother.

zen decor lighting

Hard lights or fluorescent tubes detract from warmth, so go for indirect lighting. Choose the corners to highlight in your living room and place a set of lamps or a floor model to draw attention.

The reading points, on the sofa or on the bed, have to be lights that can be oriented. As always, the best is natural light that, in addition to giving us energy, we can enhance by decorating with green plants, which provide us with oxygen.


The furniture must be of simple lines and the material used is wood. Use neutral furniture with simple lines, take advantage of the natural resources of your home and avoid excess and profuse ornamentation.


If the floor is industrial style, cover it with wool or cotton rugs so that your feet always keep warm. Walking barefoot is one of the best sensory experiences, in addition to being very healthy, and you will see how your pets will appreciate it too.

Wall Decor

If you choose to paint the walls in white, include textured accessories in the decoration. Minimize the wall decorations and be content with photos, paintings and decorative objects.

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With Essence

For your home to smell good, scented candles and essential oils are the solution. The freshest aromas are recommended in the morning, to invigorate your body; While, at night, you will need scents – such as bergamot or chamomile – that help to relax the nervous system and sleep better.

freshest aromas

Another tip, put natural soaps in the drawers and hang lavender bouquets in your closet so that your closet has scent notes.


The main idea is that the overall contribution room a peace and tranquility when you enter. The whole it simple and simple makes it closer to the body to the nature and fill with energy at the same time that relaxes.

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