Winter decoration for the living room

With the arrival of winter not only change the clothes of the closet, we also do it with the decor of our home. Today we give you some tips for your lounge also winter view.

decoration living room

In winter the lounge becomes a meeting point, comfort and warmth, are the words that best define your decor.

Fabrics for winter
The thick fabrics like wool, flannel or leather in warm colors generated in the home a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The elements with thick fabrics those are important to the lounge offers warm feeling. For example, we can incorporate velvet cushions on the sofa or change the covers of the chairs for a denser fabric that matches the rest of the room.

The carpet will also be of great help to generate that wintry look. We recommend that are large and thick, cold thus be isolated. At the same time, the carpets are a good item to generate warmth and comfort in the home.

Something we can not overlook are the curtains should be heavy and dark contrast with the warm colors of the textiles used in the couch cushions or carpets. The curtains will prevent to pass cold and exercise of insulation as well as carpets.

Additional info for a winter decoration
Besides playing with the combination of textile elements, we can add another set of supplements that will adorn in our winter hall. For example, we can add aromatic scented candle caring for what smells most inspire us for a winter and homey atmosphere. At the same time, we recommend colors like red, orange or yellow.

Other elements that can give a very personal and unique touch to the living room at this time are the centerpieces with stones and dry leaves, and large paintings with intense warm colors like red, maroon or orange.

We can think even in the light. The floor lamps as well as being very useful at this time of year, it gets dark very soon, will also add style to our hall. If we decide to place one of these lamps must place it in the areas that we most use, and we note that the projected light must be intense and warm.