Why Have a Garden Room?

There are lots of options available when it comes to adding space to your property. You can add an extension; you can convert the loft or you can even transform the garage. But one of the simplest ways to add space to the house is to have a garden room. But why have a garden room rather than any of these other options?

garden room

Benefits of a garden room
One of the biggest benefits of a garden room is that you don’t need planning permission for these structures, where it is required to add an extension and sometimes for internal alterations to the house. There are no rules about what you can have with a garden room either and no concerns such as stairs access and fire escapes as there is with a converted loft.

The flexibility of the garden room is another plus point. There are plenty of different styles available and top companies that supply them also offer a bespoke service. This means you sit down with their planners and discuss your specific needs if the standard models don’t do the job. This can be anything from more windows for an artist to soundproofing the walls for a musician.

Safe and secure
If you have never seen a garden room before, then clear your mind of the image of a posh garden shed. These structures are so much more than the normal garden buildings. They are fully safe and secure, able to have electricity added to them and insulated to keep them warm in winter.

The safety comes from double glazing windows and doors that these structures come with as standard. These are made to the same specification as those for houses and includes locking windows and multi-point door locks. Garden rooms can even have a burglar and smoke alarm added to them to make for additional safety precautions.

Once electricity is connected by a professional, then there is nothing you can’t do in the room. Computers for the home worker, electrical equipment for the hobbyist or even simply power points for a big screen TV to make it into a home cinema space, all of these can be easily achieved. And with the security measures, there are no concerns about leaving expensive equipment in them all of the time.

Uses of the garden room
The uses of the garden room are as diverse as the designs. For many people, working from home is becoming a popular choice and making the space into a garden office is a great option. This creates a space away from the main property to work uninterrupted while remaining only a few steps from the house.

If you have a hobby or interest that requires a dedicated space, then a garden studio is ideal for this. With bespoke features available to tailor it to your needs, you can spread your hobby related stuff as far around the room as needed and not have to worry about the kids or the pets interfering with it.