Which is better, natural wood floor or wood grain floor

Just get the right answer to the question which is better, natural wood or wood grain floor, if sooner you questions about what you want and use, if before you wonder about the use you are looking for and, above all, if you know the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these options.

natural wood or wood grain floor

To find out what is the best, natural wood or wood grain floor, it is essential to know where we are going to fit the floor, their type of use, the maintenance it will need and their conditions, among other aspects to determine if natural wood is your best option or whether, on the contrary, it is best to resort to imitations.

As a general rule, to make a decision on the wood floor is to have the characteristics that natural wood floor give us:

  • The natural wood floor requires concrete and specific maintenance, but not more difficult to perform than other types of maintenance. Daily vacuuming and cleaning with specific products on a regular basis may be sufficient.
  • Although current treatments improve much resistance to the use of wood at the soles, it is not a ground to stay in good condition with the passage of time. However, it always offers the possibility of being sanded completely and of turning to enjoy like new.
  • Natural wood reacts to the cold and heat, there is a stable material, so for places with large changes in temperature or extreme weather, it is not advisable a wooden floor.
  • Humidity and traditional hardwoods not usually get along, however, exotic tropical woods perfectly resist higher degrees of moisture and are more flexible and unchangeable, perfect for outdoor use, for example.
  • The wood brings warmth to the home, ideal for the lounge or the rooms, plus a point of elegance and sophistication in its most classic finishes.
  • The soil covered with wood effectively isolated the shelter from the cold and the heat, are also good acoustic isolation and even absorb radioactivity.
  • On the budget, the wooden floor is not the cheapest alternative and much less if specially treated wood moisture or stain is required, for example.

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The correct answer to which is better, natural wood or wood grain floor, can only occur in each specific case according to the specific circumstances; however, whatever your choice, all the floors of a home regardless of the raw material from which they are made.