When Is It Time To Call Pest Control?

Pest control is not something that everyone will experience so when you end up with a probable infestation or vermin problem it’s tough to know when you should actually call an expert. Do I really need to hire somebody to get rid of this hornets nest? Will a pest control service come out just to catch this mouse?

pest control at home

If you are contemplating calling an expert there are a few things you may want to consider first.

Is It Dangerous?
Anything that is dangerous should be left to the professionals, you don’t want to risk getting hurt. You might think you’ll be fine tackling a single bee, wasp, or hornet nest, but in the blink of an eye you could be covered in stings and on your way to the hospital. If you have children or animals there’s no question that this problem needs to be dealt with quickly.

Have you Tried Other Methods?
Initially the problem may not have seemed that bad, but if you’ve done a bit of research and purchased a product from the store that’s supposed to get rid of the pest, and it hasn’t, then it’s probably futile to keep trying yourself. This is going to disrupt your day to day activities and the stress simply may not be worth it. Call an expert.

Is It Disruptive?
If you can’t sleep at night due to strange noises, if food is being spoiled, or other animals are being interfered with, it’s time to call pest control. You can’t live with this kind of disruption for a long period of time.

Is It Damaging?
Certain pests can be damaging to your property even if they’re not that disruptive. You should never risk the structural integrity of your property or items within it, just because the pest doesn’t consciously annoy you. Imagine selling up and having to explain holes in the wood.

Are the Neighbours Complaining?
You might not be bothered by a couple of mice or a mild infestation, but if the neighbours catch wind of the problem or end up getting infested as well, you should call pest control right away. Is it really worth ruining the neighbourly relationship because you were too lazy to get the issue taken care of?

Home or Business?
While a small problem at home like a minor ant’s nest can probably be left to be dealt with yourself in your own time, if it’s your business that’s infested you need to act right away. It’s your duty to take care of your employees and customers, failing to do so opens you up to lawsuits, and at the very least a poor public image. This is especially true for restaurants or retail outlets where customer care is of the utmost importance.

Had Pests Before?
If you’ve had pests before and you notice them coming back, or even if you think you’re in the all clear, it may be worth calling pest control for another once over.