What To Look For In A Rug Cleaning Service

If your rug has become a little past its best or there’s a nagging stain you simply cannot remove, you’re probably considering hiring a professional cleaner to get the job done. However not all cleaners are made the same. Some are no better than the average house cleaner with a vacuum, others employ all sorts of advanced technology to get your rug almost to it’s original state.

rug cleaning

Pick-up Service
The first sign of a true professional rug cleaner is that they will take your rug away to a fully equipped facility. If they simply want to come to your property to do the cleaning there, you can bet that they won’t be doing a thorough job. Plus that’s not always convenient for you.

There is no one size fits all technique when it comes to rug cleaning. There are many different styles of rug (Oriental, Persian); each with their own materials, and each with their own cleaning requirements. If the service you’re looking at simply says they clean rugs, then they probably aren’t very specialized. If however they have services designed for several different types of rug, you know that they mean business.

Let’s face it if we leave our rugs too long they not only get dirty, but worn out as well. A good rug specialist will offer repair services as well as cleaning. Perhaps your rug needs re-fringing, or the outer edges restoring (re-surging).

Free Quotes
Nobody likes to commit to a service without being given an estimate of the cost. A competent rug cleaner will be able to give you a free quote and stick to it. For added reassurance also look out for a money back guarantee, should they do a bad job or even damage your rug.

Fast and Efficient
Check the reviews to see how long they usually take to complete the job. If they guarantee to finish the work in x amount of days, this is a bonus. It is also worth checking to see whether they will return your rug by delivery for free. It can be a hassle having to find the time to drive down to the facility to pick your rug up. Without specialized transport you may end up getting it dirty on the way home!

Can they handle volume? It’s one thing getting a single rug cleaned from your home, but what about if you run a business and need several rugs cleaned? How fast will they be able to get this done?

Complimentary Services
A competent rug cleaner will put their expertise and equipment to good use with a few extra services. Do they do things like drapery cleaning or purse/bag repair? Perhaps you could get a few extra things done along with your rug. That would be a huge convenience.