What Should You Consider With Office Space Flooring?

Although there are a lot of considerations you’ll need to make while fitting out a brand new office, perhaps the biggest one is the flooring option, choosing the right floor can make or break an office environment, and for this reason we provide some helpful pointers to get you mulling over your options in this article.

Office Space Flooring

Office design and layout

Whether you’re looking to create a new office space in Melbourne or an office refurbishment Western Sydney, the same principles apply when it comes to flooring. Choosing the right flooring will usually be about context and needs – are you looking to floor an area in your reception area, a casual workspace area or meeting rooms? Organisations with large open spaces benefit from carpet, for example, as this helps prevent sound being carried too far.

When it comes to interior design, you should not always go for the cheapest possible option, as it will often look like the cheapest option possible. It’s worth looking into options that are both comfortable for staff to walk on (as they’ll be on it all day for the most part) and also helps to effortlessly capture the essence of your brand. For example, you might go for a certain colour that really represents your brand, as it will be immediately recognisable by anyone who enters the office.

Practical considerations you’ll need to make

Although good looks can go a long way, there are practical considerations that need to be made for businesses looking for new flooring.

The first of these relates to the weather conditions in and near your office – choosing the right flooring can help regular temperatures in a much more effective way, and this will be very important in helping drive down the often huge energy bills that office spaces create.

Warm office should forget the carpet and instead go for vinyl or tiled floors, while offices in colder climates should introduce carpet to keep the space warmer. You’ll also need to consider how much foot traffic your floor will likely get on a daily basis, as wear and tear can cause dents both in the floor and the wallet of an organisation with little financial wiggle room.

Business expecting large amounts of foot traffic should opt for vinyl flooring, as hundreds of pairs of feet every day will very quickly dirty carpet and create very obvious wear and tear. The latter will make your business look bad, while the former will require more funds to manage continued upkeep.

How your budget factors in

Although you will have certain needs when considering your flooring, many of these considerations will need to be made with your budget firmly in mind. Even if you think that a basic carpet will work with your budget – and most will, being quite affordable – there are still carpet options that are much more expensive than you might think, and the same goes for vinyl.

If you love the look of natural flooring, such as wood, and are on a budget, sometimes it’s always better to get something similar (but much cheaper) like vinyl. Doing a bit of careful research should help prevent any nasty surprises when it comes to your preferred flooring option.