What it is and how to create a focal point

Sometimes it’s the little details make the decoration becomes an extraordinary job. Create a focal point is one of those details that are not seen at first glance, but can completely change the decor of a room. Today we show you what it is and how to get it.

focal point

Any decor, whether it is classic or modern, we need a focal point to help us relax and rest our eyes, ie, something that catches our eye.

Focal point for the living room
This focal point can be a fireplace, a window behind which hides a relaxing landscape, etc. Unfortunately, in most cases do not have this type of focal points, so we must create them. These are some of the proposals we do:

If, for example, the living room does not have square measures, we will have to place an item as important as it is the sofa on the wall that has greater length. To call attention to after that point, we will put up a mirror or a large painting.

If we have a fireplace and we want to emphasize its importance, we must do the same with the couch.

We must avoid placing these elements to an excessive height because then we would subtract relevance to the focal point that we want to create. Let the objects that decorate the chimney on top and in hot weather, we will place floral arrangements, plants and even candles inside the fireplace, not to look at it empty and can continue keeping it as a focal point.

Focal points for the bedroom
For the bedroom, the bed becomes the focal point just for being the largest element. A striking headboard or hang some picture or mirror as in the lounge can completely change the approach that we have in the room.

As for the shelves is not recommended load of books. It is better to intersperse other decorative objects.

Lockers are other focal points of importance. Decorate photos with paneled doors can be a good way to create these visual resting points.