What flowers to put on your terrace?

Every year you are walking down the streets of your city and see the balconies or terraces that are so beautiful with flowers and always ask yourself why you have not put flowers. Well this year, you don’t ask it, and put flowers on your terrace and balcony.

flowers in balcony

This article will talk about what plants and flowers you can put on the balcony or terrace of your house. One of the most used for its color is the petunias.

It is true that only last the time of the spring and summer but are precious for all the combination of colors you can create. You can choose two colors or one color. If you like petunias, you also have to know the surfinia. Petunias are similar to but more resistant. It is advisable to plant them in deep containers with compost.

Geraniums are also very common to see plants on terraces and balconies. Geraniums are outdoor plants and are quite resistant. Bloom much although its flowers are a little delicate and often falls but never abundant when you run out of color.

If you want color, another good choice is Alegria, are seasonal plants perfect for balconies or terraces that do not give a lot of sun but never may lack the water.