Wedding exit ideas from the church

Do you really want yours to be a ceremony that everyone remembers and turn the departure of the church into a unique moment? We bring you nice and very funny wedding exit ideas to achieve it. Do not miss them!

wedding exit ideas

The custom of waiting for the newlyweds to leave and launching something as a symbol of abundance and prosperity comes from the ancient orient and has spread throughout the world making the closing of the ceremony a moment that adds to the joy of the couple.

From the delivery of the engagement ring, the bride and groom begin that beautiful planning stage of their wedding, in which they want each detail to talk about their style and personality.

Beginning with the design of the marriage cards, the readings of the ceremony, the elements that will be part of the decoration for marriage and of course those touches that will give the whole celebration a unique spirit, daring to include details out of the ordinary. We bring you some ideas to make, for example, that your leaving the church is recorded in the memory of family and friends and of course in theirs.

Replacing rice

Since immemorial times, a rain of rice accompanies the departure of the happy couple from the church, after the exchange of wedding rings that seal their union, as a desire for prosperity and fertility.

In recent seasons the rice has been replaced by more colorful and striking elements such as rose petals or some other large petal flower such as daisies, hydrangeas or any other that combines perfectly with the wedding dress model you have chosen to take the big step.

Another idea that looks lovely and very photogenic is to get out in the middle of an avalanche of soap bubbles. These beautiful bubbles fill the space with colors that create a magical atmosphere and very fun for the guests. They can get small cylinders with their decoration supplier in different colors that are coordinated with the shades of the long cocktail dresses that the bridesmaids will wear.

The seeds of lavender are also an innovative and very nice alternative for the guests to receive newlyweds at the door of the church. These, in addition to having the characteristic lavender pastel color, give off a delicate aroma that will permeate family and friends, ideal for rural marriages.

Papers and Colors

The cuts of silk paper and streamers have become a frequent outlet for weddings in recent year’s resource. This because they fill with joy and give a festive touch that puts all the guests in tune with the celebration.

They can request from their provider to be cones that contain a simple paper sting or use shiny, brightness or metallic stationery, even of the same ones used for the designs of invitation card, to achieve a more showy output. The paper cannons or streamers that unravel when blowing are a wonderful alternative for everyone to participate and wish them the best of the world in this new stage.

light filled exit

A light-filled exit

Create a light walkway with candles on either side of the door or distribute among your family and friends sparklers, will make your exit magical and with deep meaning. Of course this can be done if your union will be at night to get a definitely unique effect.

Skipping protocol

Do you dare to have a definitely original exit? Coordinate with the godparents, the ladies and gentlemen of the honor and their protocols, a choreography in which everyone dances while the notes of the song are filled with short sentences of love, which they chose to close their ceremony and parade toward the door.

With colors, with flowers, dancing or in the rain of good wishes, no matter what you define to make this day the most special of your lives, the important thing is that you find what makes you happy, the phrases of love that express what you want to say and that you walk to your new life with the wedding dress that makes you look fantastic and surrounded by the good wishes of your family and friends. Surely nobody will forget the moment.