Want a New Kitchen? Common Things People Don’t Like About Their Kitchens

One of the rooms people tend to moan about the most is their kitchen. We all want a brand new kitchen, but unfortunately that isn’t always possible. If you have moved into a house that’s not a new build where you can design the rooms you may have to put up with a kitchen that’s not quite how you would have it. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make changes.

kitchen layout

You can upgrade your old kitchen and make changes without having to have it completely redone. Changing the work surfaces, cookware and appliances that you use can make a big difference. So, stop telling your friends, partner and family how much you hate your kitchen and do something about it. It is possible to upgrade your kitchen for less if you are smart.

Here are few things you have probably said or heard your friends say about their kitchens and some tips on how to make improvements.

The layout isn’t practical
Some people get very frustrated by the layout of their kitchens. The way it’s laid out may not make any sense and it can be difficult when there are a few people in the kitchen.

Tip: Interior designers can help you to change aspects of the layout of your kitchen to make it a little more practical. For example their might be a cabinet you can get rid of or some kitchen furniture you don’t need.

There isn’t enough surface space
Another annoying thing about some kitchens is that the surface space is limited. This can make cooking big meals a challenge and result in your kitchen getting cluttered very quickly. If you enjoy baking then surface space is essential.

Tip: Get a large cutting board that fits over your sink to instantly create more surface space. Try and store bulky appliances such as microwaves elsewhere.

It’s too small
In order to get prime real estate in key locations such as London for example, you often have to sacrifice some space. Often the kitchen is one of the smallest rooms. However, no matter what size kitchen you have it’s likely that you will always want a bigger one!