Vintage Decoration: The keys of the retro style in the lounge!

The retro style is in fashion is nothing new, is something that has been present for several seasons. But, we must have a clear concept, and is that the retro style is not based on placing things old and with that we have a retro decor. This style is based and defined characteristics. How to create a retro lounge?

retro style in the lounge

The retro decor is based on objects from the 50, 60 and 70 and that will be reinvented to be placed in the present in any room. The main features that the retro is that they are combinations of shades of warm colors, ie orange, yellow and red. Geometric shapes is also something very special in this style, like that the mixture of textures, especially velvet upholstery and furniture.

The center table is a very important decorative element in all the lounges, as we have commented previously, retro-vintage style is defined by geometric shapes, so do not be afraid to put a coffee table with a circle or oval and have a warm color, such as an orange. As for the sofas, if you want to give another air that you already have, you can choose to change the upholstery. Choose a fabric that blend various colors or shapes and give a personal touch to your living room.

In windows you can also put retro decor, for example with curtains. Within this style you can go for the simplest, which are fabrics of a single color with discrete forms or for more risky, such as curtains with different shades circles shapes.

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