Use of natural light in winter

In winter, between the time change, rainy or cloudy days and the sun goes down very soon, just have natural light. Therefore, we want to tell you some tips so you can take full advantage.

natural light in winter

To take advantage of natural light in winter, we have to play with home decoration and color. Textiles, furniture and floor are some of the points that will help us take advantage of natural light during the gray months.

Tips to take advantage of natural light in winter
If your home is oriented north or south, you may not receive as much light as one that is oriented towards the west or east, so it will be a little bright home, especially in winter. Therefore, we advise that you install a more translucent crystal in all your windows so that it penetrates more the light.

Another option is to go for light colors. The white and pastel shades create a greater sense of light in space. Therefore, it is advisable to paint the walls with some light shade.

In fact, a person who work or study in a room with clear walls and furniture will not only enjoy more natural light but also be more concentrated during the gray days. This is because the light from outside is reflected better in light shades that in the dark.

Other tips to improve natural light
Use light curtains are a good choice for that goes beyond the natural light in any room of the home. Thus, we must avoid heavy curtains and dark fabrics.

The furniture is also another factor to consider. We all know that wood furnishings bring elegance. However, wood is not very appropriate for households that receive little sunlight during the winter. So the best option is to choose light furnishings. Today the white has become very fashionable.

Finally, light floors become very effective in reflecting light. Keep in mind that any raw color, neutral gray and broken white always provides more clarity to home.