Upholstered headboards: Tricks to renew

It does not take much time or budget to give new and current upholstered headboards to have left to look for old age, lack of fashion or damage to the use. The trick is to know how to repair or change.


Since some years ago Headboards have gained importance in a bedroom and above all, have become a key piece to create style quick and original way. The upholstered headboards have the advantage of being simple to make and cheap, but playing against time and fashion.

What is upholstered?

The variety of fabrics that allow today upholstered headboards make it possible to dress fashionably as you like best or prefer.

If you are going to repair or renew your headboard lined the first thing is to know what material is made. Remove the headboard in order to examine it with greater ease and if, on the wall where you will find the humidity, quiet, you should handle repair with total professionalism and zero hassles for you.


Upholstered with fabric is the most common and popular, also allows any style can choose plain, embossed or diverse effects and finished fabrics.

It is decorated in a simple and low cost if you have done the upholstery work yourself. Among the drawbacks of this option is less long-term durability, as the fabric becomes dirty, worn and out of fashion with relative ease.

Renovation trick: Almost all fabrics allows washing with soap and water brush to get back all the color to their headboard fabric. Take advantage of a hot day to dry soon and don’t overfill. Don’t you like it or is the tissue too damaged? Upholster on the basis that have a strong and smart fabric.

Skin or similar

Upholstery leather are sophisticated and elegant, especially if the applied polish technique. The problem is that leather or related materials rub together and easily damaged, over time require repairs or renovations.

Renewal trick: There are enough resources to treat a damaged leather headboard. From dye through the repairing putty patches of leather or skin that is placed in broken, cracked or badly damaged areas. Take the opportunity to give a new dye of another color or a glossy finish for example.

Other materials

There are varieties of materials that can be used to upholster a headboard out of the classic – fabric or skin, but usually varieties of one of these two alternatives. For example burlap sacks can be used. Cork or wallpaper can also be used for covering a head, even vinyl or adhesive coatings.

Renovation trick: The simplest is that upholster over again with the same material or you give a radical change using the base but lining with entirely different resources. There are many alternatives. What do you think to upholster with denim and give a modern touch to your bedroom?

Extra for all cases: If the problem of your headboard is the edges and sides, easy to restore it, add a wooden frame that will cover the damaged areas and give a new air to the piece in the easiest way.

Creativity and desire to change

Feel free to experiment with your headboard especially if you are very spoiled is unlikely to mistake and always improve. The essential trick is to look for a way to give a radical change to this piece of decoration if you are looking for a new style. During putting other materials on the current upholstery.

If you’re looking for a more conservative finish and maintain the current appearance, join cleaning and repair. Upholstered headboards generally support cleaning and renovation through patches or different adjustment.