Upgrade your second home!

The good thing about having a second home is that it is also our vacation spot, i.e. we associate to rest, to have time to spend with our own. It is best to get a comfortable and convenient place to enjoy as much as possible of these stays. Let’s see how.

upgrade second home

Let’s start with the outside, if the place has a garden should put native plants that do not survive during difficult seasons in which you’re not out there; and if in addition accounts with a pool, remember to protect it in the winter months to prevent the paint is dull and that becomes a place where living unwanted plants and animals. For the outdoor furniture check out those that do not require special care, such as plastic or resin.

In the interior of commitment functional and simple furniture, such a handy sofa bed for an additional bed, bunk beds for the children room so will have more space to play, or think of folding chairs that fit anywhere when not in use. Forget the useless frills, just gather dust when you’re not.

On the coast opt ​​for bright colors and soft furnishings; a nautical is simple to care and brightens. In the mountains is more suitable darker wood furniture fabrics combined with neutral colors, rug and cushions that provide warmth. The plaids are a good choice.

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