Update your reading corner at home

Housing changes by fashions and needs. A reading corner at home is one of those spaces that need an immediate update to welcome the new technologies for leisure and reading.

Comfort should be the priority in your reading corner at home, the style and the adaptation to your specific needs complete the three keys that you should look for and cannot miss. With a little creativity and very little investment you can update your domestic space.

reading corner at home

The essentials

Nowadays the reading habits are not like ten years ago. With the arrival of new devices for reading and internet, paper has ceased to be the first option for many giving way to the digital age. With this premise there are details that cannot be missing in your space for reading and leisure.

Comfortable armchair

The furniture in which you are seated to enjoy your favorite readings is basic in a reading corner. It can be the style you prefer and always adapted to the space you have, but as a general rule chooses comfortable and ergonomic chairs where the neck and back do not suffer a comfortable or relaxed posture.

Keep in mind when choosing armchair, chair, sofa, couch, puff … which is a piece of furniture to be at ease and probably for quite some time. Avoids too rigid seats, also those that are too soft or soft.


Ideally, you should place your reading space near or next to a natural light entrance to your home. However, this is not always possible and it may not be the right place for temperature, especially in summer. In addition, if you are going to use screens for reading, natural light can cause annoying reflections.

Bet on floor lamps or even wall sconces if you have little space, for the most classic a table lamp never fails. Attention if you read in Ebook, tablet or any device with backlit display: the light is still necessary. The experts recommend points of indirect light and natural colors – best in cold – to help break the eye when new technologies are used for reading and choose ecological light bulbs to minimize consumption.


Whenever possible, by meters, ideally, the shelves where you order and keep your volumes are very close or to be part of the reading point at home. If you have already been fully integrated into digital readout, the shelf you need for your home is greatly reduced.

A simple shelf or hanging shelf next to your reading chair is enough to locate your digital book. Even for smaller or minimalist houses, on the arm of the armchair or chair you can put a cloth organizer where you can comfortably and safely store your devices for reading.

Light interrupter

The arrival of new devices for leisure and reading make the space to store books is not so necessary, because in centimeters you can store hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers … and almost any content you like to read. However, a new item becomes necessary: the plug and the battery chargers.

Every day the batteries of the electronic books and tablets are more durable and efficient, but still they are not eternal. The best thing is to provide a point to be able to load all your devices in total comfort and efficiency while you read, before or after. Remember that the best and safest are the direct plugs, but if you have to use an extension cord or plug, always should have a switch.

reading corner at home

Own style

Bearing in mind that you will need to locate and combine the four indispensable elements in all space for recreation and reading: light, armchair, shelf and plugs; the next step is to choose the style you prefer.


For a space for reading with traditional air, choose furniture with straight shapes and wood, go by clear or neutral colors, but highlights some element in a dark tone. A good idea is to choose the upholstery in chocolate brown or black for the reading chair. If you have space, a bookstore standing upside down and leaning against a wall is a key element in this style.


If you want a reading corner with Nordic style, of course the white will be the key along with natural materials and simple shapes. Premium practicality and do not forget to include a lamp, a natural touch with some plant or flower. Lamps made from recycled pieces from other spaces can fit very well within this trend.


The reading corner is the ideal space to let yourself be carried by the design pieces. The sun loungers or divans for reading are usually especially attractive with designs of different trends, but always comfortable and with a lot of personality. If you choose one of these chairs, try to make the rest of the elements simple and unobtrusive. Although not usually cheap parts, you can find low cost and inspirational pieces at very reasonable prices.

Retro Vintage

Get inspired in the decade you prefer, the 50’s, the 70’s … and use your space for recreation to pay tribute to your favorite time. If you prefer a traditional vintage style choose pastel colors, brass or zinc elements and do not forget to place an original magazine and that suits your tastes. The seat upholstery can be made of leather, but remember that it is a more delicate material.

The reading corners admit all kinds of trends and styles, it is possible to combine them with the environment, bet on a totally different style to make it the center of your home decor or simply choose it to your liking.

To build your own space for reading at home you do not need big investments or changes just to attend the essential details and give space to the new means of communication to read.