Types of Outdoor Lighting

Ambient lighting
Lighting that provides illumination in an overall area with and offers a level of light that is comfortable to everyone using it.

outdoor lighting

In outdoor situations, ambient lighting brightens a patio for eating or entertaining, or an entry way for safety and security.

Down lighting
The source of the light is above the object and mounted there so that the light ray or beam is directed downward onto the object, casting light in a wide path.

It is used for safety or security but also for highlighting flower beds, paths or steps, the down light is positioned close to the ground.

The light source is aimed upwards in the air at a particular object and is used to highlight something such as a tree, fountain or statue.

Like down lighting, but using soft light sources positioned very high up, this creates the effect of moonlight glimmering through branches, and makes very attractive shadow patterns.

Diffused Lighting
The light source creates an oval or round pattern of low light on flowers, shrubs or ground and spreads light over a wider area.

The use of an intense beam to make a focal point in a garden.

Lights a given object from both front and below to make shadows of interest on the wall behind it.

Putting the light close to a surface of interest such as a tree to bring out the texture of the bark.

Concealing lights behind and below a tree or bush so that the silhouette is visible against the sky.

Cross lighting
Lighting an object from two or three sides.

Floodlights make a wide distribution of light, perfect for lighting up a wall, sign or large object.

Lighting a flat wall or surface by placing the source of the light near the bottom so that the light does just as it says, washed the surface of the object.

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