Types of mirrors for bathroom

We are not always aware of the importance of some decorative elements, as they are always there; it seems they are not important. However, they are essential to maintain a decorative coherence.

Choose mirror for the bathroom is a complicated task, there are many options: closet mirrors, round mirrors, lighted mirrors, large mirrors, small mirrors…

choose mirror for bathroom

Wide variety of styles
We must be very clear what the style of our bathroom, the light that we need, if it is going to be the mirror in which we will make ourselves up… All these details must be taken into account.

If the bathroom is small it is ideal to use the round mirrors, also give it that vintage touch that both takes.

If, however our bathroom is large and more romantic look, we surround it with lights, similar to the dressing rooms of the actors in the theater, will give an original and striking touch as well as being perfect for get ready on it.

Mirrors with integrated lighting
In the market we can find a multitude of mirrors, various models, straight lines, curves, with wooden frames, glass, as chamfered, irregular…

The variety is almost endless, but as we mentioned before, it must be clear what will be the use we will give.

Most importantly, besides the design and style, it is the light; we must not forget that is the last place where we meet before leaving home, so we must study well the type of lighting to be around. The ideal are the mirrors that have integrated light, because they are the more fully illuminate.

And if we are fans of technology, nothing better than listen to music by connecting our smartphones, which have integrated television… Mirrors considered to be functional and are a real treat.