Types of lighting in the home

Lighting is essential to creating environments. In addition, for very wonderful to be decoration, if a stay is not illuminated properly, not we look it as we had thought.

lighting in home

To enjoy the decor of our home will need to find what the lighting that best fits each stay is. But it is not only important to make our home more beautiful, choose the right lighting will also allow us to save money.

Different lighting in every corner of the house
The general lighting is that it is responsible for illuminating the entire stay. It tends to be points of light located in the ceiling. If in addition we have the walls painted in light tones, white in the best of cases, we can even double the number of points of light.

The mirrors will also help as it will reflect the light and get a greater sense of light and space in the house. In smaller rooms it is essential to place a mirror and make that light falls on it, it’s the best way to create the optical illusion that the room is much bigger.

Moreover, the spot lighting is that we place to have a specific use such as reading, watching TV, etc. But always take care that no shadows are formed.

Draw attention to an object
If you want to illuminate in a work area, the light will have to be cold and white, which is much better for the view.

Regarding the situation in the light, if its beam headed upward, lighting we achieve is much more sophisticated. This occurs, for example, with the indirect illumination.

Another variety of lighting is known as exposure lighting, which serves to draw attention to an item in particular, something that we want to highlight. Typically used on shelves, tables, furniture … This can also help us to separate rooms.

And finally, we find the decorative lighting, which actually is the most traditional, as it is achieved by floor lamps that decorate themselves. Its light is soft, but staff and creates warm environments.