Types of legs for tables

The small details are those that make the difference. One of them is the legs of our tables. Today we want to discuss some types of legs that give different styles to our home.

table legs

We can choose different types of legs depending of the size of the table and the space available.

Pedestal, queen anne and turned table legs
The pedestal table legs are a good choice, if what we have is a round table and if our space is limited.

But if what we want is a table of retro style, we must choose the queen anne type legs. This design are recognized because they have a sort of ball carved from the top of the leg and, as it descends, becomes thinner until it arrived at the ground the foot widens, having shapes similar to the claws.

Other very strong legs are the turned. These are often used in furniture and heavy tables, as they are very resistant legs.

Tapered and block legs
The tapered legs are quite common. It began to see in the middle of the 20th century, although it look fragile, are very resilient. These are specific to small dining tables.

Finally, we discuss the block legs, which are the oldest. Proof of this is that it began to be used on the altars of churches. These legs are very wide, so that it is enough to just two to hold the tables.

These are just some examples of legs for tables, but there are many more models, as we can now see modern tables which are fastened with legs very original, innovative and diverse materials.