Types of floor tiles

The floor tiles are a good choice for our homes, as well as being attractive and durable, very easy to clean. In the case that we decide for this type of pavement is useful to know the types of ceramic floor to which we can choose.

flooring tiles

Know the different types of flooring tiles can help us decide on some of these varieties: porcelain, extruded and natural. Let’s look at its features and differences.

Porcelain tiles
It is one of the most modern types of ceramic floor, since it joined the market in 1988. This type of stoneware floor reproduces materials such as iron, wood or stone.

Furthermore, the tiles are non-porous and therefore can be cleaned with a simple soap and water. The fact that is a little porous material means that it does not absorb dirt easily. For this feature, the porcelain tile is one of the most recommended for outdoor flooring. If we have a paved patio, porcelain tile is a good choice. The disadvantage is that it is one of the most expensive.

Extruded and natural tiles
The extruded tiles have a rustic look. It is customary for us to see how to cut tiles and the thickness is something that can vary depending on preferences. Like porcelain tile, this type of tiles is suitable for outdoor flooring.

The last type of soil we want to present is the natural tiles. This variety of soil is the cheapest and it is basically simple ceramic tile. As the soil earlier, this is also slightly absorbent. In stores we can find other names as vitrified flooring tiles, glazed ceramic tiles or simply ceramic pavement. Contrary to what happens with earlier types of tiles, natural is more common to use it for indoor.

Now that you know the different types of tiles that exist, be encouraged to change the exterior or interior of your home so that your floors have a different and more modern look thanks to these resistant, decorative flooring and, not least, easy to care for.