Types of couches

When decorating a room, one of the most important elements is definitely the couches. This should be comfortable but not without design or vice versa, so the best way to know is to know how to choose the different types of couches that are on the market.


Ergonomic couches
In recent years these have become very popular because it used to take care of our body posture. These are perfect for resting our back or legs, and we can have them at home or in our workplace. There are multiple styles and also adapt to the body as a function of height.

Club couches
These are the typical soft armchairs that when we come to home we embrace and we relax after a hard day’s work. These are usually made of leather or microfiber and we can see them in most of houses as “the untouchable place in which the parent sits”.

Wingback couches
These are traditional chairs that have become fashionable in recent years to give that touch of vintage that is trend. These come in different materials and precisely the “ears” are precisely that give us that sense of protection and comfort that we both like to sit in armchair.

Rattan armchairs
The most common are in the dining area, usually placed around the table and also are an ecological choice thanks to its natural fibers. In terms of design, can be found in many different tones depending on the natural substances in which the material is impregnated.