Types of bed lamps

Many of us like to enjoy a little bit of reading in bed before sleep. However, this can be dangerous for our eyes if we do not choose the right kind of light. For this it is essential to know what types of bed lamps on the market and what are the most appropriate for us.

bed lamps

The lamps placed on tables are very common, but with the idea of not disturbing the person sleeping next to us, may have too soft light to read. A good solution is to place auxiliary lamps that will not disturb your partner but whose lighting will be much more effective.

Avoid disturbing your partner
The bed lamps are a classic on our bedside tables and are a great way to add a touch of comfort to our room. However, sometimes the light is very weak and this can harm us when reading in bed because we have to overly strain your eyes.

To solve this, we can place on the side of the head two types of bed lamps: one with a soft and warm light, and another with a light that has enough strength to not hurt us when it comes to reading. If placed properly, we will not have to bother to our partner.

Auxiliary lamp for direct lighting
Auxiliary lamps will also help us to improve the light with the advantage that we can direct them to the area that we want to illuminate, in this case the book, without disturbing the person next to us. Furthermore, if we choose to LED lights type, we can save up to 85% of electricity.

Many of these lamps are portable and can place them as it suits us. We can even save them when we are not using them to avoid breaking the aesthetics of the room.

Pendant lamps
If we like to risk in the decoration, we can use chandeliers in the room replaces the bedside lamp. It will be necessary to place them in the same place but hanging directly from the ceiling. This does not disturb others and be an original way to decorate. Yes, we must consider that the lamps have to be smaller than we usually hang in the center of the room and, if possible, that they are somewhat lower.