Types of auxiliary lamps for your bedroom

Auxiliary lamps in the bedroom rather than a complement are an obligation, are very practical and useful in all cases, but especially if you have the habit of reading in bed, for example.

auxiliary lamps for bedroom

In the market there are a great variety of auxiliary lamps can be perfect in a bedroom, remember also, not stick only to specific models that are presented as lamps for bedroom, it is possible that it may be not to your taste and, however, other reserved for lounges or kitchens, for example, if you go with your style or meet your needs.

The offer is so broad that it is impossible to not find one or several auxiliary lamps to put in your bedroom and be able to enjoy the cozy, warm light that bring the indirect lights in the bedrooms.

To choose the perfect lamp for the bedroom, between different types of auxiliary lighting, it is important to be clear about the use that you give to the lamp, the place or places where you think you can be placed and the style you want.

Details such as dimensions or the necessary installation are also important when choosing an auxiliary lamp for the bedroom.

Table lamps

There are the typical bedroom lights; lamps that you can place on the bedside table or some symphonies or in chest of drawers. If you want to give a more modern touch to your bedroom, the desk lamps placed on top of a shelf or wall shelf or even the floor if not bother you and you find comfortable.

Table lamps can find in many styles and materials, although in general there are classic, romantic or vintage types, and are not usually adjustable so these are not very practical as a point of reading light.

auxiliary lamps for bedroom


After the lamps for the bedside tables, sconces are probably the most popular types to put in the bedroom lights.

In the 90s, sconces lived their period of greatest growth, of the hand of the minimalist style or as a perfect complement for stylish bedrooms and of balanced forms that remembered hotel rooms. The sconces are now living a new reborn, albeit with a change in style and in the place where these are located.

Sconces are now original, funny or old fixtures that are not necessarily placed on both sides of the bed. You can place sconces on the headboard of the bedroom or one side of your bedroom, it is not necessary to go in pairs, in fact, odd numbers of sconces are much more common now.

Flexo lamp

The flexo are one of the types of lamps that has evolved since its inception and are now a key player in the most stylish and modern bedrooms.

flexo lamp
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The flexo, from being a functional and practical light, is reinventing itself to become a design object. Stylized shapes and colors, it is also produced in new materials, but does not lose its essence and its usefulness, so today it is a perfect auxiliary lamp for almost any bedroom.

You can place reading lamps on the bedside table, but also on the bed or even on foot, by choosing a model with this form. The flexo, also adding style and personality to your bedroom, you can enjoy a steerable light and very comfortable for the different activities that have to do in your room.