Turn your bedroom in a piece of paradise

In every home there is one room that tends to be a person’s sanctuary. Some people build man caves, others like the piece and quite of the bathroom and for others it is the garden or the garage, but for most, it is the bedroom. It is the place where you wake up and go to sleep and it is a space that is yours, to which you can retreat from the chaos of the day when you want some quite time, relaxing and centring yourself. So how do you go about making your bedroom the perfect retreat? Here are a few tips to help take it to the next level.

all about bed

It is all about the bed

It is not called a bedroom for nothing. With the bed the centrepiece of the room and the place where you spend the bulk of your time when in the room – even if you are asleep while there – it is important to make sure that the bed is not just comfortable, but a place of luxury. The starting point is the mattress, but it is about more than that. How about buying some Egyptian cotton sheets to make sure that each time you climb beneath the covers that the high thread-count and incredible comfort make you feel like a royal. Also make sure that you have the right duvet for the weather. Bedding should be changeable depending on the season so make sure you have the right warmth for the right time of year.

Say no to TV

A bedroom is not a place for television. The temptation is great but somehow that detracts from the sanctity of the room. Sure, a television across from the bed is great if you are in a hotel, but not at home. The temptation to watch TV because it is there is always great and that is not a habit that you should be falling into in your room. Rather keep the television in the TV room and keep romance and peace and quiet for the bedroom.


There is nothing that creates an air of calm and serenity quite like plants. Well cared for plants that is. Green and flourishing and putting oxygen into the air, plants have a great effect on both the mood and lighting and in a room. Don’t over-do it, you don’t want to turn your bedroom into a terrarium, but a couple of strategically placed indoor plants, like ferns, African Violets or Delicious Monsters, will do wonders for the feel of the room.

Somewhere to sit

Make sure that there are a couple of comfortable chairs or a couch to sit on. And make sure they are for sitting on, not just for dumping clothes and laundry onto at the end of the day. If the only place in your room to sit is your bed you will end up spending too much time there, prompting unwanted naps and down time. There is nothing quite as great as making a cup of tea or coffee and retreating to your room to sit on a chair in front of a sunny window for a few minutes of reading a good book.