Tropical decor

Large concrete constructions make occasionally seek some natural and exotic paradise to relax us. What we seem to have it all in our own home? Today we tell you how to create a tropical decor in our home.

tropical decor

One of the most important decorative styles has had in recent times is tropical. This style is defined to be comfortable, warm and exotic and original touch that fills the home with color and natural elements.

Natural or artificial plants
Be careful not to make this decoration into something tawdry and ordinary, so we can not mount a multicolor jungle in the middle of the room.

The reasons that we will use are palm trees, wild animals, leather, etc. It is usual to use this style in the living rooms and bedrooms, but we can also give that tropical touch to the bathrooms.

Plants are one of the elements that can not miss in the tropical decor. If we do not have time to care for them, we will choose plastic or cloth in good quality and posted in any area of the house. If the latter option is not convincing, we can also put pictures with natural motifs.

As for colors, the protagonists of this decoration are ivory, beige, and brown in different shades, soft golden and pale yellows that remind us of the Savannah.

Bamboo, wood and rattan, the basic materials
The furniture, for its part, must be made of materials like bamboo, wicker or iron. Wood is one of the essential materials.

As for the upholstery of the couches or chairs, we know that one of the most popular animal prints is the elephants, monkeys, tigers, etc. But we must always be careful not to be excessive.

Another thing to consider is the topic of accessories, decorative figurines, vases, etc.. All must have a tropical feel to not break the overall decor.

We must select fine fabrics, paintings, furniture and other objects. If we too reload the room with this type of decoration, we get the opposite effect, a stressful and messy looking room.