Tricks to make our house always smells good

Cleanliness, order and proper ventilation are the foundation of a healthy and comfortable home, but if you want an extra addition to your home even more pleasant, discover these tricks so that your house always smells good.

house smells good

Unpleasant odors are sometimes installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the bedroom; and give an unpleasant feeling of dirt and discomfort are nothing desirable in your home. To get rid of forever these situations, put up these tricks so that our house always smells good.

– Baking soda. A natural deodorant and very effective against odors located in closed and small as kitchen cabinets or fridge space. Always have a small open container with soda inside these spaces and never have to endure unpleasant odors when opening the doors of your refrigerator or pantry.

– Lavender sachets and herbs to taste. As for the cabinets and drawers where you keep clothing, the better to enjoy a pleasant odor without damage, stain or damage clothing are the bags of fabric – thin and breathable, means old or broken are an ideal resource – filled with dried herbs, among the most effective lavender and thyme for example; if you add bay leaves, also you will keep at bay the dreaded moths.

– Vinegar to avoid unpleasant odors in pipes and drains, as well as in the bathroom; in general, as well as keeping them clean of dirt and jams, is a good measure periodically take vinegar down the sink, stack scrubbing and the bathtub mainly, also in the toilet to make these areas of the house never detach unpleasant odors.

– Smell candles and aromatic sticks. Specific resources are to be taken at home to create a comfortable and relaxed environment faster. To clean and cool environments choose citrus smells like lemon or tangerine; for more personal and deep environments, commitment sandalwood or combinations of herbs to your taste. Perfect for family reunions or with friends to make the atmosphere always pleasant to smell.

With these tricks to make our house smell good always will achieve the most natural, simple and economical way, without using toxic or artificial products, enjoy a comfortable and very nice home.