Tricks to gain light without windows

Light is essential in a comfortable house with more or less natural light: the key is to multiply the light with which you count and invite it to enter the bottom of your house.

gain light without windows

There are no excuses for not to enjoy natural light at home, since until the smallest of the entries of sun can be used to illuminate your entire home: you only need to study how to do it with the smallest changes and maximum efficiency.

Where is the sun?

The orientation of your home is key to the hours of light that you enjoy, so it is important to observe when and where natural light comes to your home. Even if you don’t have windows in the strict sense of the word, you’ll have doors, viewpoints, skylights… Locate the points of light and convert them in the center of your home.

Curtains are not always necessary, neither the blinds

It is very common for all windows, and even doors, to have blinds and curtains. If your home does not have windows, you do not need curtains or blinds.

Do not block the light with this type of elements, unless it is necessary for privacy or security, and choose thin, translucent curtains that allow the light to enter your home.

Transparent walls

There is no doubt: without windows in the home, it is almost certain that the best way to have natural light is to remove much of the distribution walls.

Do a detailed study of the shape of your house and think which walls you really need, which you can eliminate and which to convert into modern glass walls that will allow the entrance of light.

Special attentions to the walls form corridors or distributors; in the halls, it is much better to bet on open spaces, if you want light, always avoid shadows.

Artificial light

If natural light is conspicuous by its absence in your home, there is no choice but to choose artificial light to illuminate your home.

Plans an effective and efficient lighting, plays with direct and indirect lights, of course, always with green lighting and led light bulbs.

Avoid the cold lights, and bet on the warm ones to create more welcoming environments. It is not a good idea to leave points of the house without lighting; on the contrary, fill your house with light even if it has to be artificial.


It is not a myth that light colors help to project the light inside your home, so do not stay on the walls.

Light, unpainted floors are the best way for the little natural light entering the house to drain to the bottom, a light-colored floor will reflect with effectively and intensely.

Also concentrate on the furniture and the textiles; it is not necessary to be all white, but almost.

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As a decorative element for a house without windows, there cannot miss the mirrors that extend the spaces in simple and natural way, reflecting natural and artificial light.

If you want an idea with style and perfect for a room with low light, try to put on the walls compositions of small or medium size mirrors, of the same or different shapes and styles, you will love the result.

Not having windows is a disadvantage in a home, but it does not have to be a problem; if you know how to play with the other elements, you can have a spacious and bright house with a cozy atmosphere.