Tricks for a small room look larger

Not everyone blessed with huge houses with plenty of meters to decorate and leave them as houses of the magazines. However, we need not resign ourselves to have a small home, and then we can do it to have a somewhat larger appearance. You just have to know some tricks of decoration.

room look larger

Although a priori a small house offers fewer opportunities if we know how to do some tricks that we can get a small room look larger.

Tips for decorating a room look larger
One of the simplest tricks and within reach without spending too much money is to hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor. Thus, to get the feeling that our ceilings are much higher, even if the windows are not very large.

Another simple and very effective trick is to choose glass furniture or similar transparent materials, which can give the impression that “disappear” in the middle of the room. This always makes any room look bigger. But if we have the ability to change the furniture, it is best to choose light colored materials, smooth or very soft prints.

As always, the lighting is another element that plays an important role in the amplitude of a small room. If we get that light is dim and is distributed in a strategic way, we manage to give a greater feeling of space.

Cheat eye and broaden spaces
The mirrors are another classic when it comes to fool the eye. If placed in areas where there is also good lighting, greatly beat the feeling of space.

And one important detail that we do not usually set ourselves but we can also help is that of the knobs, latches and handles. If they are embedded in furniture and doors also make us to win a few centimeters into the room and this look bigger.

All these little tricks are easy to apply at home and help us get the feeling that we live in a dollhouse, but in an apartment or a larger flat.