Trends to decorate the terrace in 2014

Gradually appear sunny days remind us that in a few weeks and much longer reach full days of light to enjoy our terraces. Today we want to talk about the trends to decorate the terrace in 2014 and give a twist to the summer decoration.

decorate terrace

If we are fortunate to have a large terrace or a garden, chances are that we spend the spring and summer in this place, becoming one of the most pleasant areas of the house.

Rattan, the protagonist of the furniture
The light, the sun, the heat, the outdoors and socializing with friends make this area a very special place that should be decorated to the last.

To begin decorating our deck as the trends of 2014, the first thing to choose is the type of material of furniture. Lately, rattan has won the game to wicker and has been responsible for the creation of surround chairs, armchairs, stools and tables thanks to its strength and, above all, its visual elegance.

As for colors, if you want a relaxing terrace to spend wonderful moments, it is best to choose neutral, more natural tones. This will give us the feeling that we are in a chill out of which we can find in such wonderful places as Ibiza.

A place to relax
The umbrellas should also have its place, as there are times of day when the heat intensifies and need protection from the sun.

Another essential element is the barbecue. The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a meal surrounded by family and friends as they took advantage of the good weather. If we don’t have space to build a stone barbecue, also can buy portable collection can also leave without having to disrupt the rest of the space when we’re not using it.

The wood, white tones, candles and zen aesthetic will do the rest, so we should not ignore the trend to decorate the terrace this year, do not forget that is the most special corner of our house during the summer.