Top Three Kitchen Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Kitchen trends change style like changing style is going out of style. Homeowners are updating their kitchens with the latest Pantone trend colors or take their design and even appliances to a different era. New trends, however, are easy to achieve on a budget and without using too many resources. Why? Because simple is the new thing and changes are king. Check out these three new kitchen trends you don;t want to miss and see if they fit in with what you had in mind for your next kitchen update.

kitchen trends

Crisp Color
Want your kitchen to just scream, “I’m clean!”? Updating your kitchen with more white touches than color will tell your guests that they should have no fear of germs in your kitchen (if you don’t keep a clean kitchen however, avoid the white – your spills are going to show up like a murder scene). To go with this simple and classic color, use natural material such as wood for a beautiful combination.

Two-tone Kitchens
Two-tone kitchens are easy because you can pull off an awesome look like this by only painting some furnishings a different color! Two tones can separate the space, so a big kitchen isn’t so overwhelming. It can be especially good if the overly-sterile, single-tone look isn’t for you. The two-tone concept is compatible with a bold counter-top as well, so if you like marble or butcher-block wood, your kitchen will still look great.

Rustic, Retro, Vintage
You know what all the rage is these days? Getting back to simplicity, nature, and practicality. The sterile white kitchen works for some personalities, and the two tone for those who like a bit of color, but ‘rustic’, ‘retro’, and ‘vintage’ is where true kitchen creativity comes in. These words are just trendy ways to describe how anything looks after some time has affected it. It’s popular because it’s practical, and in post-financial crisis, people have realized they don’t need to have a brand-new kitchen to be happy living in it – they just have to coordinate what they have, up-cycle some furniture and your kitchen will be a cosy space anyone can live in.

If you like these trends, that is great. But unless you plan to sell your house next week, or remodel your kitchen every spring cleaning, the latest and greatest trend will quickly go out of date and your awesome kitchen will look so 2013 (in 2014). The most important part of designing a kitchen is designing one that you can live in – one that your family will be comfortable in for years to come.