Top 5 Kitchen Trends For 2015

Kitchens are constantly evolving and each new year begins a new wave of emerging trends. If you are thinking of getting a new kitchen in 2015 you might want to find out what the latest kitchen trends are. No matter what trends you choose to follow it’s important that your kitchen still reflects your individual style and taste, you don’t always have to simply go with what’s popular. Take some inspiration from these latest designs and then make your kitchen your own. Here are some kitchen trends that are likely to be big in 2015.

modern kitchen trend

Modern and traditional combo
It’s finally time for modern and traditional kitchen styles to merge. This year, combining both styles will be huge. It saves you having to decide whether you prefer a more vintage or uber modern look. Now all you have to do is find a way of successfully combining the two. Achieve this look by mixing old and new style materials, cabinets and accessories.

Creative ceiling designs
Creative ceiling designs are destined to be big in 2015. No one wants to look up at a dull, bland ceiling. You want a ceiling that naturally draws people’s eye upwards and adds something unique to your kitchen. Ceilings are set to be a key part of modern kitchens. Unique ceilings that feature creative lighting, strategically placed windows, wooden panels and unique artistic designs will stand out from the crowd this year.

Warm Metallics
It’s all about metallics in general this year but in particular warm metallics such as bronze, copper and gold. These metals look fantastic in kitchens and are very on trend at the moment. From metallic sinks to cabinets and furniture, add a glow to your kitchen with these warm metals.

Brass is also set to be very popular as it makes kitchens look warmer and looks great on light fixtures, taps and hardware. Metallic features really stand out and draw the eye, bringing a touch of simplistic luxury to your kitchen. This trend isn’t just being featured in kitchens but in rooms all around the home such as bathrooms and dining rooms.

Textures you want to touch
Theo at Designer Kitchens said “Take your kitchen design one step further by incorporating materials with an element of texture to them”. They not only look very eye catching but they are also fascinating to touch, you will have guests in awe. More natural finishes will become favoured over smooth, high-gloss finishes. Contrasting textures is also another big trend for 2015, for example having both wooden and stone worktops to add depth to your kitchen.

High-tech connected appliances
Consumers are going mad for connected kitchens these days and in particular connected appliances. As people spend more time on their mobiles and online they expect their kitchen tools to meet their needs.

Products such as the WiFi coffee brewer which can be controlled by your iPhone and smart baking tools will fly off the shelves this year. Stock up on some cool gadgets for your kitchen in 2015.