Tips to take advantage of a small living room

A small home does not have to be a disaster or not to be friendly and welcoming. Today we want to offer you some tips to take full advantage of a small living room.

small living room

There is no need for a lounge has large dimensions, in reality this is the area that we use to socialize, relax watching the fireplace, read a book … The correct combination of the elements is the key to getting a small living room look much more spacious.

Versatile Furniture
One of the most classic combinations is probably the right one for this type of space: one sofa and two chairs placed in a 90° angle with a side table may be sufficient. To optimize resources we can use an upholstered ottoman table that will act as more of these elements at once: side table, extra chair if needed and even as a footrest.

Another trick is to place the curtains as high as possible, i.e. not to leave to see wall between the fabric and the roof space, this will give a greater sense of height.

Instead of using a television cabinet, which takes up much space, you can hang it on the wall. In addition, to hide the wires we can place wooden slats covering the wall will add a touch much more welcoming to small living room.

Mirrors and light colors
If our stay is also rather narrow, the sofas have to stick well to the wall to make more space in the central area. The low tables and tall lamps also give greater feeling of spaciousness.

We can even create two distinct environments, each with different colors and styles: a dining area and the other as a living room. No need huge sofas, currently there are wonderful small designs that can also get a sense of comfort in a small space.

The soft colors and glass tables will also help us in our goal. And of course, we must not forget the mirrors.