Tips to illuminate the terrace

In summer, the terrace of our house becomes one of the most important parts of our home. So we must pay equal attention to its lighting than to the rest of the rooms.

lighitng terrace

This is a way of making use of spaces that the rest of the years are almost rendered useless. In the terrace or the roofs we can conveniently illuminated dinner with friends, have drinks, enjoy with family or arrange some other event.

Our terrace lighting has a lot to do with decoration that we have to keep aesthetic consistency.

Lighting to the ground to avoid accidents
To begin to illuminate the terrace we note that unlike other rooms, we must always light down to provide clarity to the ground, so avoid accidents with furniture that we can not see clearly.

The lighting has to be perfect, no shadows that can confuse or cause an accident, if there is any more stairs, so this should also be well lit.

If on the terrace we are fortunate to have a swimming pool, we will need to surround it with lights so that no one falls inside.

The solar power lights are one of the best ideas that we have to illuminate the terrace. Not carry cables, loaded with energy from the sun and also manage to illuminate at night.

LED, low consumption, solar or candles
It is a search for sufficient lighting to create a nice atmosphere but allows us to move through this space without danger.

If on the other hand you are looking for is to create an intimate corner and you’re not going to hold any event but it is only a place of relaxation for you and your partner, the ideal is that the lighting is dim and is localized.

If we use energy saving light bulbs, LED or which we mentioned before solar charge, we also achieve saving in the electricity bill.

If we are able to have a large space we can put dimmers to give greater or lesser extent in the light of the terrace.

And of course if you are looking for is a romantic spot, you always have the possibility of illuminated with candles.