Tips for reforms bathrooms with little money

The bathroom is one of the rooms where we spend more time daily, use is constant and we must always keep it in perfect condition because it is where we managed.

reforms bathrooms

We often think of reforming the bathroom, but do not always have the time, or even worse, with enough money to cope. The need does that we sharpen the ingenuity, so we have no other choice but to seek options for reform with little money.

Vinyl, wallpaper, paint striking
A good idea is to give a decorative pasting touch sticking vinyl; at the same time it will help us to go by masking details that we do not like, small imperfections, etc.

If we want to give color to the bath and a lot more fun, we can paint all the tiles. In the market there are special enamel paint remaining to make it perfect. The result is to be professional; we can do it with a gun spray and a compressor.

Getting the most out of vintage style
In the case that our bathroom is old, instead of thinking about the fortune that would be difficult to us to fix it, we can make the most of placing vintage retro style mirrors and accessories of this type, and also encourage this trend will be the perfect way to renew the bath simultaneously.

Small details such as flowers or wrought iron towel bars can also assist us in achieving this style.

The wallpaper is another option, not only for walls, but also to the ground, yes, we should use special materials that will help us to protect it from moisture that occurs in a room like this.

In short, a thousand and one ideas for reforming the bathroom simply, without lifting tiles and spend a lot of money that we probably don’t have. The results can be surprising and it is better to leave the great works for spoiling us some element of the bathroom.