Tips for mixing decorative styles

When we get down to work and think of decorating our house, there are many decorative styles that fascinate us, but in most cases only choose one because it gives us the feeling that combining them can be a real mess. But nothing is further from reality, know how to mix can be a real success.

mixing decorative styles

If we are going to decorate the house as a couple, we probably do not reach an agreement at early stage, so we can choose parts of various styles to create a decoration according to the tastes of both.

Maintain some consistency
When it comes to mixing styles, it is important to maintain consistency. We must choose neutral colors, especially if the styles that we want to merge are not very similar. So, when touch we can mix colors that vary within the same range and does not appear that we have decorated our house of “waste”.

It is the same if we include prints. If we like, we can not fill the house with them, a design will be sufficient and, moreover, in a subtle way. For example, if on the curtains we have chosen a striped pattern, ideally that the lines of the furniture are also with straight lines.

Give prominence to the different
If, however, what we will do is maintain a style of decoration, but there is a different part that we have fallen in love and or yes we integrate it into our home, we should not leave it hidden in a corner, this will only as it may seem that we have placed a “glob”.

The idea is to do the opposite, i.e., give the maximum importance to that element, place it as if it were the focal point of the decor in a very visible, with different lighting. This will bring a lot of personality to our stay.

In terms of materials, although the styles are different, also follow the same line, i.e., if we are going to decorate with wooden furniture, but we mix a minimalist style with a more rustic, all furniture must be made of wood.