Tips for Designing the Landscape Garden of Your Dreams

We’ve all seen this familiar sight before: acres upon vast acres of dull suburban lawns, unbroken by nothing but driveways and commuter cars. The eye darts from one home that looks just like the next home. There is no uniqueness, no style. In the backyard, it’s more of the same!

landscape garden

Fear not! Landscape gardens are the number one way to add eye-catching features to your outdoor spaces that will improve the look, functionality, and value of any property. With good planning, your garden will be the talk of the block. You can talk to a professional landscaping company about options available to you when it comes to your landscape.

Where to Put What?

A well-designed landscape garden is not just an expression of our own unique style and tastes. It represents a synergy with what the land itself provides.

Sitting areas can be strategically added so we can enjoy a beautiful view, or relax in the shade from an existing tree. Walkways and plantings can be placed so as to complement the natural curves of a yard. Partial shade or full sun plants can be arrayed so they can flourish east or west-facing, respectively. In terms of philosophy, designing an attractive, functional garden often comes down to doing what the land “tells” you to do.

Goodbye Grass

Start with ridding yourself of some grass, roots and all. Don’t worry, reducing the amount of grass in a yard will also reduce the time it takes to mow and the vast amounts of water it takes to maintain it. Now more than ever, landscape gardens are becoming a great way to reduce our ecological footprint and put a dent in our water bills.

When it’s time to clear the area of grass or debris, careful execution will lead to results that rival those of any professional. Measure out your features with a tape measure, so the spacing is perfect. Drive stakes and run lines of string between them to hash out walkways or other features. Like many tasks, breaking up the project into smaller ones that can be completed within your time constraints and those of the weather and seasons is key.

The Internet is Basically an Imagination Machine

Stay flexible with your design even as the project comes together. A benefit of living in the Internet age is that we can easily view the efforts of others who may have already implemented something interesting in their own outdoor spaces. One of the Internet’s best resources for sourcing new design ideas is Google Images. At the URL, using search words such as “garden design ideas”, we can find countless pictures of one beautiful garden success after another. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Through careful planning and synergy with nature, and with the help of the internet to help spur your imagination, the landscape garden you were always dreaming of can become a reality. Good luck!