Tips for decorating with metallic paints

If bright colors or matte are not what you want, you can opt for metallic paints. Today we want to offer a few tips to decorate with metallic paint in a simple and practical way.

metallic paints

The metallic paints provide a finishing alternative to typical paintings that we usually find in homes.

Tips for using metallic paints
The basic colors of metallic paint are the gold, silver and bronze. These are the most common tones and of their mixtures out infinite shades of Golden, ocher, blue, etc. But all of them have in common that glossy finish that characterizes the metallized paintings.

One of the most colorful options to decorate with this type of paint is paint completely a wall or ceiling of a room. But surely the best options for applying metallic paint are on the outside of the house. A gate or entrance to the garage door can be perfect elements to include this type of painting in our home.

More clues about its application
For best results it is best to apply the paint on a metal surface. Therefore, the outer zone responds, once again, the best site of our home where to apply metallic paint.

We have to keep in mind that it is better to apply several thin layers. We should not apply thick layers, as the hue and brightness will not be well regulated.

Another situation to keep in mind is that in which we deal with a porous surface. The response in implementing the metallic paint will be sealed the holes before so the product adheres better to the surface.

The metal paints can also be suitable for painting small decorative objects inside the house, such as lamps, picture frames or vases. Whenever we do not replenish, any option can serve.