Tips for decorating with metallic paints

If bright colors or matte are not what you want, you can opt for metallic paints. Today we want to offer a few tips to decorate with metallic paint in a simple and practical way.

metallic paints

Metallic paint provides glossy finishes that are not very common in decor. This type of paints provides a finishing alternative to typical paintings that we usually find in homes.

Choosing the colors with which we paint our house is always a challenge and the most common is that we opt for less risky tones, but even gold, silver and copper can fit in your home.

Metallic paint brings luminosity, shine and, used in its proper measure, luxury to any wall. The key is to consider the options that best fit with the rest of the decoration of your house and choose the form of application. We will tell you some!

Tips for using metallic paints

The basic colors of metallic paint are the gold, silver and bronze. These are the most common tones and of their mixtures out infinite shade of golden, ocher, blue, etc. But all of them have in common that glossy finish that characterizes the metallized paintings.

One of the most colorful options to decorate with this type of paint is paint completely a wall or ceiling of a room. But surely the best options for applying metallic paint are on the outside of the house. A gate or entrance to the garage door can be perfect elements to include this type of painting in our home.

using metallic paints

In small quantities, gold or silver paint is easier to incorporate onto the surfaces you want to decorate. Here it is not necessary to complicate much; you can even take advantage of the background color and only apply the metallic color in small doses. Do it in specific areas and in an irregular way or create a pattern so that it seems that you have covered your walls with wallpaper, choose your alternative.

stenciling technique

Take advantage of the stenciling technique or delimit straight lines with masking tape and apply the paint to form a striped pattern like the one shown in the above photo. With a damask stencil and intense background colors, such as emerald green, navy blue or garnets, you will get a wall that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Where metallic colors fit best

It will depend on your personality or your way of seeing the decoration whether you choose one room or another to paint the walls in metallic tones, but any room can be susceptible to the walls showing these beautiful tones. Of course, for them to fit well you should think that the rest of the decoration will have to be consistent.

Also if you are looking for glamor and style in the room, the metallic color will be the best option for you. You can incorporate templates with metallic paint as it is fashionable.

The silver, bronze and metallic gold paints will help make the wall stand out, making it ideal for large spaces and not so much for spaces with less square meters. You can use a shiny gold or silver color to give a touch of energy to a room, but if you prefer it to be a more relaxed room then you can use metallic colors with softer tones.

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Ways to paint the walls with metallic tones

Shiny Silver

Shiny silver is a good option for a living room or bedroom, especially if it is shiny opaque silver. You can put dark signs on the wall to give it a modern touch or even patterns with different styles and colors.

It’s a way to keep your decor modern and fresh at the same time. A silver wall with painted patterns will give wallpaper – like feel but the feel will be very different.

Shiny silver

In Antique Silver

Another option to decorate a wall in metallic tones is to use the antique silver color that is ideal for decorating an accent wall in an open space.

Antique silver will add warmth and richness to the entire space, and will pair beautifully with a dark gray background, and you know the best? That will collect the light from the environment and no glare will be seen. It’s a great shade to pair with a vintage pattern and stencil for a vintage look… and spectacular!

Ancient Gold

Antique gold is a very elegant metallic tone for any room and you can create a most spectacular wall. It will seem that you live inside a palace, but so that it is not too overloaded, you can choose to add some type of pattern or template on the wall in another metallic tone or in a lighter tone.

Shiny Gold

If you like metallic paint but don’t want it to be too flashy, then you can use bright gold color on a flat-colored background. So the gold will illuminate the room and there will be a great contrast. You can use it on an accent wall or on the walls that you like the most in a room.

Different types of metallic paint

Metallic paint for objects

Metallic paint for objects

It is synthetic or acrylic enamels, special for painting any type of material, even wood. In this way you can transform the appearance of small objects and furniture. The best options in this case are sprays or aerosols, but it is also possible to get conventional paint to use with the usual tools.

Rust effect paint

Each manufacturer develops its product in a different way, but all have the objective of creating a paint that simulates an “oxidized” surface, that is, with the characteristic color of iron oxide. The oxide effect paint can be applied on walls, but the results are also very pleasant on various furniture, lamps, pots, and many other decorative objects.

Forging finish paint

This painting looks like what is commonly known as wrought iron. The result is a dark gray, semi-gloss and slightly textured. It can be found in the traditional way to be applied with a brush, roller or pneumatic gun and also in aerosol, the latter being one of the most practical ways of application for small objects.

Forging finish paint

Its use is very common in metallic objects such as trellises, railings, rustic window and door hardware, chandeliers and lamps. And it is not exclusively for metals, but also for wood and other materials.

Chrome effect paints

This type of paint is widely used in automotive or motorcycle parts. The chrome effect mimics the chrome plating technique on metals, and the result is a lustrous shine much more intense than that of metallic effect paints.

With regard to colors, it is not only available in chrome, but also in gold, copper and others. This paint must be applied with a spray gun, but it is also possible to get the spray version for those of us who do small jobs at home.


For best results it is best to apply the paint on a metal surface. Therefore, the outer zone responds, once again, the best site of our home where to apply metallic paint.

We have to keep in mind that it is better to apply several thin layers. We should not apply thick layers, as the hue and brightness will not be well regulated.

Another situation to keep in mind is that in which we deal with a porous surface. The response in implementing the metallic paint will be sealed the holes before so the product adheres better to the surface.

The metal paints can also be suitable for painting small decorative objects inside the house, such as lamps, picture frames or vases. Whenever we do not replenish, any option can serve.