Tips for decorating the house with little money

If it is already difficult to decorate a home because there are always hundreds of ideas that seem wonderful, the problem is greater when we turn to the label of the furniture that we love and we realize we have to decorate the house with little money.

decorating house with little money

It only takes a little imagination and desire to decorate differently to get a more economical decoration at home.

Makeover for our home
We begin with the kitchen. If we do not want to reform it, we can modify some of the elements that attract the most attention, for example, the curtains. We can find very funny and very low prices. We can also paint the tiles or place stickers on the appliances; the result is surprising and, above all, very cheap.

Another area of the house that we want to modify is the bathroom. The bathroom furniture’s are very expensive, so we can always resort to shelves and baskets where to put all the elements of toilet. This trend is way to decorate and give a nice look to the bathroom.

As for the room, we can give a twist to the decor without buying new furniture. Just need to upholster which already have, put new cushions, new curtains or, if we dare to work more complex, we can put wallpaper on one of the walls.

Imagination and “homemade” development
The bedroom is one of the nicest places in our house, where we relaxed and rested, but also bored of seeing always the same, so it is worth giving a twist to the decor. A good way to do this is by changing the headboard. For example, we can create one with our own hands, the old cover with fabric panels, using an original screen, etc. We can also place new textiles in bed and windows, and change the color of the walls giving it a twist.

If we handyman, we can even create our own furniture with pallets, ropes, casters … There are multiple options to give a makeover to our home without ruin.