Tips for caring wood flooring swimming pool in winter

The swimming pools are one of the greatest pleasures we can count on a home, however, we must not only be concerned for their maintenance during the summer months.

wood flooring swimming pool

There are many factors that influence their resistance and that is in perfect condition to get the hot months. One of the big problems is the floor outside the pool, especially if this is wood. Although wood is one of the most durable materials, when exposed to the weather, low temperatures or wind during winter, proper maintenance is necessary so that not only lasts as long as possible, but also have a good look.

The most suitable treatments for this type of floors are the application of oils and acrylic shields.

Oil for care for the pool floor
This type of product is used to nourish and feed the wood, but not all oils are used, not to all woods feel well this type of treatment. Before applying any of these, it is important to do a test on a part that is not too much to see how it reacts, especially at the time of drying.

One of the most important features required to contain the oil is that filters UV rays, to fully protect the condition of the wood.

Acrylic shields
The protectors fix much more the product to the wood, contain filters and resins and also resist ultraviolet rays. They are also much more resistant to water and the treatment duration is greater.

Both products need to be applied from time to time, it is important to observe the ground to know when we perform the treatments.