The Way To Go: Top Benefits Of Marble

Natural stone tiles are fast becoming the choice material for most homeowners. Having been in use for thousands of years, natural stone tiles such as marble tiles are a versatile and dynamic product that can be used in both traditional and contemporary buildings. So what makes marble tiles so popular? Well the following overview on some of the benefits associated with using marble tiles will help shed more light on this…

marble tiles

Durability is perhaps one of the most notable benefits associated with marble tiles. Although marble tiles tend to be slightly expensive when compared to other tiles, it is extremely durable and tends to last longer than any other kind of tile. When the replacement cost associated with other types of tiles and flooring material is considered, the cost of installation and maintenance of marble tiles quickly snaps into place. A good marble tile floor lasts anywhere from three to five times longer than other flooring options.

Why is this? Marble tiles are made from natural stone and do not contain synthetic compounds and as such, incorporate an element of durability. For instance, the crema marfil marble tiles are made from natural marble extracted from the Monte Coto quarry in Spain and are a good example of the guaranteed durability associated with marble tiles.

Style and variety
Style and variety is another important factor when it comes to marble tiles. Along with durability, these tiles come in different designs and colors. As such, an individual has no shortage of options when it comes to creating a specific theme or style. It is unusual for a company dealing with marble products to offer less than a dozen different patterns, colors and design schemes. The wide range of colors and style makes the use of marble tiles practical for different types of designs and creation of preferred themes within a room. Marble tiles are also available in varying texture and color depths and are able to create a feeling of warmth within a building.

With marble, an element of versatility comes in. Marble tiles are most commonly used for floorings but this does not necessarily limit their functionality to floorings. Marble table tops, marble claddings and marble wall decorations are some other popular uses of marble as a stone. By incorporating marble in both the flooring and other sections of a room such as wall decor and even table tops, an individual has the opportunity to create and enhance the desired theme within a room.

Easy cleaning, no stains
Marble is naturally resistant to moisture and as such, cleaning of spills on marble is a simple task. Water, soap and a piece of cloth will take care of most spills within a few seconds. The stain resistant capability of marble helps minimize chances of fluids like grape juice or wine leaving stains on the surface.

In view of the above factors, marble products are undeniably the best when it comes to households finishing and decor.