The Various Benefits of Wooden Blinds

If you’re not fond of plastic or aluminum blinds, why not consider affordable wooden blinds? These types of blinds come with many advantages and will brighten your room, add privacy, and colorize the rooms in your home. Here are the top benefits of switching to blinds made of wood.

wooden blinds

The Variety of Color Choices
Many think the only color choice for wooden blinds is some shade of brown when, in fact, they are available in a variety of colors and stains.

Most basswood blinds are available in white, chestnut, red, deep blue, and even ebony or black to go with any decor in your home. If you opt for bamboo blinds, you can choose from black or coppertone colors to match a room’s design, or choose neutral colors of white or beige to add subtle touches to a bedroom or bath so your room colors remain the focus.

Plastic blinds can crack or chip, and aluminum blinds are easily damaged if bent. With wooden blinds, you gain long-lasting durability.

Because these blinds are constructed using basswood, bamboo, or other woods, they tend to outlast those of the metal or plastic fare. Construction of wood blinds also plays a huge role. With wooden blinds, you get stronger “rope ladders” compared to vinyl, plastic or metal blinds.

Ease of Cleaning
Not only do wooden blinds show less dirt and dust, they are much easier to clean. With metal or plastic blinds, the best cleaning choice is often taking the blinds down and soaking them in a tub, or taking them outdoors to clean with soap and a hose.

Wooden blinds, however, are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or wood cleaning wipes, and you don’t even have to remove them. Feather or “Swiffer” type dusters work nicely between deep cleaning times to rid the blinds of dust.

Many homeowners tout that wooden blinds offer more privacy when closed than those of the thin plastic or metal variety. Because of the many color and stain varieties, these blinds add to the room, so additional drapes or curtains aren’t required unless desired.

Customizable and Easy Installation
Most companies that sell wooden blinds offer step-by-step directions for measuring, which is great for custom window sizes. They also offer videos that show homeowners how to measure windows so that once the blinds are delivered, the blinds are precise. Seek out online companies that offer these DIY tips, or ones offering live chat or telephone assistance.

Once the blinds arrive, they are just as easy to install as metal or plastic blinds, and the results are more attractive.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wooden blinds. Custom-made blinds ensure that you get the design that you want, and the easy installation means that setting the blinds up will have your home looking beautiful in no time.