The urban chic style

Surely more than once you heard the urban chic style, but would you know exactly define how it is? Today we give you major clues to identify it and may use in your home.

urban chic style

This is one of those styles that everyone talks about but nobody actually ends to identify all, because it seems that there are certain things that when it is not known in that style fit, put them in the drawer of the “urban chic”.

A very young, functional and colorful
But give some light to this issue and identify best this style. We can say that it is the style of big cities like New York, Tokyo or Paris, which is a blend of elegance, sophistication, etc…

When we speak of urban chic do a very young and colorful style, with a good dose of contemporary design objects. Everything is very functional, probably focused more toward people very vital and very open-minded. The color combinations are very common strengths: pink, turquoise, green or yellow.

With respect to furniture, this stands out for its forms, textures and colors, modern and fun as the rest of decor accessories.

Functionality and creativity in the environment
It’s about being free to create and imagine our own environment, allowing creativity to guide us in decorating.

In order to create a chic urban environment ideally have open spaces such as loft, as are the spaces that support a style much more young and colorful, contemporary and functional designs, and that are not unduly burdened.

Modern design furniture mixed with some that provide a much more classic touch. By combining these colors than what we were talking about before with, for example, a white laminated roof, the result will be converted into something more friendlily in addition to providing a great luminosity.

There are a variety of options to create chic urban style, but always remember two principles: one is the functionality, the other is the youthful and colorful style.