The style of your bathroom!

Choose a style of bathroom decor that suits our style and the space available can be fun if we find and choose between different aesthetics. Here we present several examples for you to choose.

style bathroom

A current tendency in bathrooms decoration is choosing floors and walls a dark color (black or slate) and use the toilets white to highlight and give a serene and elegant.

Simple and Elegant
In this type of decoration will try to avoid as far as possible to recharge the room with unnecessary items. For other storage needs in these areas, a good idea can be to build a book shelf in the same color as the walls and decorative highlight some reason not to overfill the space and the view.

Neutral and natural colors
Another option you can consider in decorating your bathroom. If you have a spacious and bright, use neutral colors can be your choice. Pine furniture or similar items as terracotta or clay will help if you give this natural look to your bathroom.

Pop Appearance
If we like the colorful and striking decor, this style is interesting. Furniture and decorative elements exciting and strong colors (red, pink, green) can be mixed with smooth walls or vice versa. Always thinking in pop, but trying to adapt to the needs of our bathroom.

If we have little space, we can still be a bit overdone. If this is the case here, but we want to give this style to the room, try to use pop touches in small doses.

Although sometimes forgotten, the bathrooms also have their decorative needs and we can play with the possibilities that we have.