The strip curtains: An element that can be practical and decorative

In this article we will not refer to the curtains that we usually put in window, but the curtains made from strips, an almost essential if live in a ground floor and have a garden or terrace.

strip curtains

In this case, it is a very useful element, because it does not leave enter flies or other insects, or to have the door open in summer respecting the privacy of indoors. But useful addition we also make it a very decorative element.

It can also be very attractive indoors to separate rooms where there is no door.

The most common are the typical plastic curtains, which are in all colors and found on many models. However, although for the terrace or the garden can be used, not the best to decorate interiors. In addition, many people do not like because it remind those of some establishments, such as fishmongers.

Today one can find in the market many other models, made with different materials, such as those that are made with metal, beads, wood….

Even we can create it ourselves, which we can adapt perfectly to the place, making the colors and materials that best harmonizes with the rest.

Thus, we can buy colored glass beads and simply have to pass them through twine, making many strips as needed to cover the space. We can even put colored beads so that it forms a beautiful picture.

Another option, if the curtain is for interior, is to make it with macrame, which is always attractive, giving a very natural touch to the place. We can use various shades, the most suitable to harmonize with all the raw and brown.

If you are a little bit of imagination, we can occur thousands of ways to do it, as for example with wine stoppers, drilled plugs from top to bottom and passing through the ropes. Between cap and stopper can put an account or a small pebble.

We also find in the market, in shops that sell accessories for jewelry, small pieces of wood, in all forms, that can help us, and that we also find in different colors.

In short, it’s just a little thought and can give an original touch to the door of the terrace or garden, or make separate attractive environments inside of our house.