The role of a carpenter in today’s modern home improvements

Carpenters have always been an important part of the construction trade. When it comes to building a house, the services carpenters provide are indispensable. They are needed for the framework of walls, roofs and partitions.

carpenter for home improvement

Carpenters also make and install window frames, door frames and kitchen cabinets as well as performing other, smaller projects on a construction site.

The apprenticeship carpenters have to go through is thorough and involves numerous hours of on-the-job training and several exams. Within the trade there are different kinds of carpenters such as Site Carpenters, Shop Fitters and Joiners, just to name a few.

Joinery has been a skill for a very long time. A joiner is a specialist in cutting and fitting joints in wood. Items that a joiner might make include shelves, tables, chairs, interior doors and exterior doors. Joiners have to use many different types of joints in the building of such items. Some will be formed to fit together like “teeth”, others like dovetails or grooves and channels.

This is very intricate work and requires a great eye for detail and precision workmanship. Before the Industrial Revolution introduced mass production, joiners were the main producers of all furniture. Nowadays joiners combine the use of traditional tools and techniques with the use of modern machines which gives them the opportunity to work in a wide variety of carpentry projects. Joiners work closely with other tradesmen, especially carpenters and plasterers.

Why choose a carpenter for your home improvement needs?
Whether you are building a home, or want to do some home improvements, a carpenter/joiner will do precise work and is highly qualified for the job. Bespoke furniture, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, stairs and roof lanterns will be made to your order and satisfaction. If you want to add a conservatory a specialist carpenter/joiner can do that as well. Companies who offer such services will most likely come to your house for a quote. If you accept the proposal, they will design, build, assemble and install the agreed upon item or items.

Choosing a specialist carpenter/joiner for your home improvement is not only more personal than most other options, it also means uniqueness in design and high quality materials and workmanship. In addition, the finished project will be durable and guaranteed to bring you many years of enjoyment.