The red color in the decor – bold but spectacular

The red color is one of the most feared at the time of decoration. Few people dare to choose it, and yet, if you know combine well, using appropriate tone and supplement properly, the effect can be dramatically attractive.

red color in the decor

If you look good, red is a color that in the past has been used extensively in decoration. We need only think of the medieval tapestries and textile accessories, as well as the eastern to realize it. Currently there are some areas where it is considered a very common color to paint the walls of a house, for its warmth and brightness, as in some areas of the United States.

Red is a color that stimulates the activity, so it is advisable to choose for it stays as the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom, be unwise for a bedroom or any space devoted to rest and relaxation.

Just keep in mind that there are many shades of red, it is advisable not to use the darker range unless it is a large room. If it is not spacious enough, we must choose between the colors more vivid.

A combination of those that are more attractive, and in which you will run less risk that the result not like, it is with white. It is a perfect combination, where you can limit yourself to paint the walls in white and give a few touches of red, for example, the sofa and complements, or be bolder and even paint the walls in red, with white accessories, although in the latter case it is advisable not to paint the 4 walls this color, as it can be overwhelming.

A combination is also very attractive red with gray, but this is not recommended if it is not a question of stays where there is a lot of sunlight.

As for the furniture, red can combine with all kinds of them, harmonizing perfectly with materials such as steel, glass or wicker. With the wood, if be trafficking in light wood is going to give too much warmth to the atmosphere, while if you are antique dark wood furniture will give majesty to the room.

If you decide to choose red as decoration for any room in your home, just keep in mind these small details and see how the result is spectacular.