The personality of the pictures

There is no doubt that pictures are the perfect element to make your personality can be seen in the decoration of your home. There are an infinite number of pictures that can offer a clear image of how you are, your hobbies and your personal tastes.

appropriate pictures

However, although the choice of the subject will depend on what you want to convey; today we give you some tips for choosing the most appropriate pictures for each room of your home. All you need for the decoration is characterized by creating a lively atmosphere and harmony.

We recommend that you decor wall of your furniture with paintings with images in black and white and a white frame where the wall is color and black in the event that it is white. Use all appropriate boxes and try to complement each other to fill the entire space.

In the dining area you can opt for the classic big box to fill the entire area of the sofa, but if you want to innovate recommend you to put two rows of shelves of different sizes and put over medium or small boxes, without hanging on the wall. The best thing is that in all those pictures dominate the colors of the rest of the furniture.

In the case of the kitchen it is more appropriate to choose a topic related to food and in the case you choose pictures of food trying to find your favorite dishes. Also you can frame your favorite recipes to always have present or a dish typical of your family recipes.

appropriate pictures

For the bedroom, you can placing a large painting above the head of the bed with a stunning image and forceful that offers much character to this space so personal. You can opt for more muted tones or other more vitality.

If you have children in your room must rein the color and a lot of pictures. We recommend the abstract paintings that will make your creativity and imagination to grow every day. It’s just what you need to form your personality.