The marble in the home decoration

The marble is a material completely versatile that we can use in many parts of the home. Despite the widespread idea as to the cost, we can find countless types of marble covering a wide range of prices.

marble in home decoration

The marble is suitable for any room of a house, from kitchen to bathroom, to a patio or stairs.

Definition and types of marble

Marble is a rock that comes from the family of metamorphic limestone. Its compact nature and structure of very thin glazing turn to the marble in a very useful element in any modern home. In terms of appearance, marble is formed by streaks or spots that may vary depending on color of dyes that are applied to the limestone.

Despite the robustness that characterizes it; marble is a fragile rock with a remarkable tendency to scratch. As a result, handlings of the safest rock are commonly used liquid handlers that enhance its hardness.

Regarding the types of marble, we can speak of polished marble, which looks bright and very smooth but vulnerable to liquids containing acids. We know that the polished marble is very slippery for use on a floor.

Another type of marble is honed, which is smooth and matte. This is highly recommended for outdoor areas, patios and gardens because it prevents slip.

If you want a thick, rough marble we can choose the granulated. But if this seems too dense we have another simple option, sandblasted marble. Both finishes are ideal to create rustic and homey atmosphere.

Care and prices

For good maintenance of marble, it is vital to not pouring abrasive liquid on the rock. If we want to varnish the marble it is very important that we ensure that the varnish is suitable for this type of material. In fact, it is advisable to perform before a small test in a corner to see if it is suitable for that type of soil.

The most recommended products for cleaning are basic: soap and water. Although we can also use ammonia or special waxes for marble.

Furthermore, in the market there are some economic marbles. Generally are distinguished by the mode of production used: planned, for fixed production or even by means of stock.

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