The keys of the hippie style at home!

Many slogans say or do sense that life must be put color because we have many things in black around. And the truth is that the decor also affects moods. The hippie style is one of those styles of decorating where color is the main ingredient.

hippie style

For many, talk of a hippie, brings negative connotations. But, the reality is that the hippie movement brought a thought today. And although it is not to the end, if you are trying to convey enough, above all the idea of love, happiness, unity, peace…

The hippies lived a little without rules and above all wore joy in your day to day. Always would think of flowers, colors and shapes. As these ideas are that we have to carry our decoration if we want to decorate any stay of hippy style.

Pastel colors are critical in hippie style like the blues, pinks, oranges, yellows … In general, warm colors that convey joy and warmth. The flowers must be present somewhere in the decor. The hippie style is a way to decorate a room full of energy and vibration.